October 20, 2014

More Magic.

I just know you want to see more Disney photos.  Well, if you don't....then move along.  But, what if I told you it was my birthday?  Well, the second day at the Magic Kingdom was my birthday.  Does that make it more exciting?  No?  Hmpf.

Lookin' super cool waiting for the monorail.
And still, not total cooperation for a photo on Main Street.
It is funnier to look at the people behind us--like the lady over Nathan's shoulder.
Round two of Disney was my birthday.  Which meant....nothing really.  Other than I could play the "its my birthday so you all have to smile for the Disney photographer for a photo" card.  I give you permission to use that card for your birthday, too.

Speaking of which, I need to go download that photo so that I own it, stat.  In lieu, here is one taken by my BIL (who, yes, went to Disney with us but just for this day).  This one is better than the one where Caroline is cut off.  :)  Even if Patrick is busy pinching Nick's cheeks and three of us look like we'd rather go ride more rides and forget about the stupid picture.
Proof that my BIL and SIL were there.  And they have both of their heads.  Though, I will say--Ken got a better one with his phone because you could see Mickey and Minnie.  Random stuff you don't want to know.
Lucky you, there it is.

Okay...so some highlights...as in the favorite rides.  Buzz lightyear, is one of them, but none of the photos of that one are great.  Because it is dark and all black-lighty and stuff.

Favorite numero uno for the big kids is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Which incidentally, everyone down to Peter could ride.  Disney has it right--roller coasters for the whole family.  Something you don't find at other theme parks.  Granted, Caroline was too small but if you have someone too little to ride then the other parent can Fast Pass it with up to three other kids.  So nice.
Just insert the chink-chink-ca-chink sound here.
C'mon...put yer arms up!
Okay, all done.
From the left (last car): Patrick/Jacob, Theresa/Liz, Tom/Nathan, Ken/Nick
Ken's personal favorite because he laughed the whole time was the Jungle Cruise.

Guffaws all around.
This guy was a hoot.  We're not sure how much was script and how much was his interpretation.  He's the one who had the quote I posted on the first day.  He had lots of bad (as in stupidly funny) jokes which just kept everyone laughing.  Definately made the ride.  Which was otherwise just looking at a lot of pretend animals.
Some other favorite rides were the People Mover (still) and the Speedway (still) which everyone could do.  For just big kids, Seven Dwarves was also a hit as well as Space Mountain.  Nicholas loved Space Mountain.  He's a thrill junkie, I tell ya!
I like this pic because they were in order--3,4,5.
The teacups were a favorite for these two.
So, there were times when the littlest ones couldn't ride.  That means it is a good time for a nap!
Or to take in a parade!  That would be Peter Pan and Wendy that Peter is watching...fitting, eh?  There was a dragon that even blew fire!  Exciting!
Ahhh...my birthday dinner, lol!
And one more pic at the end of a very magical day.

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