October 23, 2014



Fall is here...and gone?  It seems most of the trees are nearly bare of their leaves.  And though, I don't think the colors are as vibrant as last year...still beautiful to behold.

A walk in the woods with my littlest.  Very serious about which way we should go.

Some happy, healthy treats in the fruit bowl.  That lemon is giving the orange the stare-down.  Or so I'm told.  The speckled one on the far top left is Peter's.  He says it is awesome.

There is nothing like being photobombed by the dog.  And worried about being run over!  Look at her face!  I promise... no children were harmed in the taking of this photo.

This is funny...and just too adorable.  Funny chocolatey face.  Can't you just eat her up!?  Look at that curl!  I want to go squeeze her right now.

An attempted photo op with my mom.  This would have been so good ...if it wasn't just a tad fuzzy.  Ah well....

 A little engineer hard at work.  Building bridges in the bathroom sink.  Then fully testing the durability of said creation when flooded!

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