October 26, 2014

Punkin' Patchin'.

Today was an absolutely be-u-tiful day!  We took the last opportunity to hit up our local, friendly pumpkin farm for some jack-o-lanterns-to-be and soaked up some Vitamin D.  Once again. oh so many photos....so few words.  Going with the idea that a picture tells a thousand.
Caroline is getting in some Grandpa time.
Makes up for crying every time he looked at her in church.

These things were fun--new this year to the little farm we go to.
Cornhole with two little people.  Peter won.  Uh huh.
I just want to say that Pinterest isn't fair.  I mean, we go places.  We take pictures.  I can't ever get everyone to look at the camera.  How do all those Pinterest photo takers do it?  Do they train their children in special photographic abilities from day one?  I need to take a class, I guess.  On how to make everyone look at the camera always at all costs.

 Grandma went through the cornmaze with us even though she really doesn't like it.  Caroline was with her--lets just get out NOW.  Enough corn is enough corn already.  It was fun the first two seconds.  Patrick had a plan though to successfully navigate the maze--the rest of us thwarted his plan.  Maybe next year.
That is not food.
That would be decorative.
 We will pretend to look at you, Mom.  Because it is very sunny in our faces.  We are happy for a hayride, and humor you to take our picture.
 Again....sunny in faces.  No camera looking.  You should see the very next frame after this one.  Hilarious--everyone in motion.
 So we resort to the crazy.  At least we succeed at those pictures.  Now, moving right along to children with their gourd finds.

The sign may say hayride...but this is more of a pumpkin ride.  Caroline is ready to go!

Someday when we aren't so busy, I might have something really good to say.  Until then, thanks for humoring me and my photos.  :)

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