October 13, 2014

Where dreams come true...

...and a penny costs 51 cents!

(The best quote of the week!)

I think the summer of 2014 has officially been the summer of travel.  Of cramming in all the fun we could possibly have.  We've officially sent summer off with a bang.

Ken had a conference in Orlando.  So naturally, I declared fall break and we all hopped in the car and went.  Almost literally-- we booked the condo for the week two nights before.  So many decisions!  So hard! 

So not a good thing when traveling with a large group of people!

Ahhh Atlanta.  Always traffic.  Even on a Sunday.
Let me say this-- life is crazy.  To the point that we can't find the time to plan things... What is up with that? And add in one little sick boy for six days before leaving...this is why I am so happy to have a stupid smart phone.  So I can plan things in the car.  (Ugh).

Anyway, I'm off track a wee bit. 

Where was I? Oh yes.  Fall break+Orlando=oh hey, let's take the kids to Disney World!!  (Which incidentally, some people plan for a whole year in advance.  Ahem.)

Driving driving.  Watching more movies.
One teeny little glitch.  We drove many many hours Sunday (16?) to show up at our rental Condo with access code in hand at the lovely hour of midnight plus some many minutes and.  And.  It was not clean.  As in they didn't know we were coming?  Dirty sheets and towels and all that.   

I'll admit, I had a panic attack.  I might have slightly panicked with the emergency contact over the phone.  All I could think, as he offered to bring sheets and towels, was that I could not see having all the kids brush their teeth in a dirty sink.  Especially when we had just come out of a week of illness.  I would have to clean everything first.  I was too exhausted at 1 am.  I might keel over and DIE.  (Dramatic, I know.  I didn't say all that).  In the end, we had a smaller, cleaner condo for the night and had to move all our stuff the next morning before heading out to ...Disney.   And, the booking company did their best to make it up to us by giving an extra night rental.

Magic Kingdom Part One.  (oh yes, there is a part two!)

Here comes the photo crazy part.  Can I say, that it is madness--standing in line, waiting for the monorail in a zillion people, spending lets-not-say-how-much on tickets all the while fluctuating between, "What in tarnation was I thinking?" and "I can't wait!"  Then you get there.  The bathrooms are always clean.  Everyone calls your daughters princess.  Almost all the rides accommodate everyone in your party.  Fast Passes and Rideshare gets everyone on and off in a jiffy (and hey, we were there in the off season) and you go...it really is magical.

The People Mover in Tomorrowland.  One of the favorites.
Ken photobombing the first one!

Keeping track of everyone is easy if they have a number.
Castle pic!  Gotta have one of those!
A lot of the favorite rides were in Tomorrowland.  (As well as the cheapest place to eat in Disney....which isn't cheap.)  We packed lunch and snacks with the intention to eat out dinner (which worked out well).
Tom Sawyers island was another favorite.
Peter and this bird were, like, best buds.
These White Ibis were as common as pigeons.
It is actually quite hard to keep track of everyone when every park visitor is decked out in a poncho.
Shortly after our trip to Adventureland...the rumble of thunder and sprinkles of rain threatened to dampen our day!  A quick stop to spend a fortune on ponchos (we had one leeeetle umbrella with us) then we dashed to have dinner under cover.  And to ride all the rides that were inside!
I liked Winnie the Pooh.  Not really a surprise there.
I could tell that Elizabeth wanted to see the princesses, however the boys did not.  So we split up and made a visit to see Cinderella and Rapunzel.  Rapunzel is Elizabeth's favorite--it was convenient that there was no wait for those two princesses while it was over an hour to see Elsa and Anna.
Though she looks excited here, Caroline had no interest in having her photo taken with any princess.

 I was impressed with how well the princesses portray their characters.  And how very accommodating to each child they were.  Elizabeth was disappointed that Rapunzel's hair wasn't real and why?  Long conversation ensued about how impractical it would be to have such long hair.  Funny!

 One of Caroline's favorite rides was the carousel.  I think we rode it six times.  Or more!
 The nighttime spectacular was called "Wishes" this year.  It was very entertaining to see what they could do with a projector!  The fireworks were diminished a bit due to the rain, and we didn't get to see Tinkerbell fly out of the castle.  Apparently, her wings are too delicate if it is raining and she doesn't like to get wet.  For real, that's what they told me.

As with anything, all good things must come to an end.  And then we must all leave at once in a big melee.  While trying to not run over people with the stroller (unsuccessful) and keeping all the kids (successful).  
This was just one of oh, nine days, or something.  So stay tuned. :)  The Schuster Clan crashes Florida continues....

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