November 5, 2014

All my Saints.

Better late than saintly kids are up on the blog.  We had a big, fun, All Saints party at our co-op last friday and I wish I'd had a camera with me because the grainy ones from my phone's selfie camera are just no good.  It was amazing to see so many kids dressed up as saints, really just a wonderful time!

Clockwise we have:

  1. Nathan as St. Augustine "Doctor of the Church", with Caroline.  
  2. Caroline as a Guardian Angel, or as we called her, "St. Caroline, patron of toothbrushers!"  Which fits, because she brushes her teeth any time we let her.  
  3. Up next, Jacob as St. Joseph (thank goodness I made those Jedi robes all those years ago) then...
  4. Patrick as St. Patrick.  
  5. Jacob is standing in for Peter as St. Peter with Caroline.  Peter refused to wear his costume, so maybe we'll bring it back next year.  
  6. Nicholas as St. Nicholas and oh boy, was he proud of his costume!  So fun.  Again, there's Caroline.  Chewing on her dog.
  7. Last but not least, Elizabeth as St. Elizabeth of Hungary.
So, do you think Caroline has a photobombing problem?  Should we seek help?  Lol!

Want to see them again?  Sure, why not?  Well... go check us out and some of the other AH-MAZE-ING (seriously, totally amazing) costumes over with Kendra at Catholic All Year.  And no one paid me to say that.

As a totally unrelated aside: the treat I brought for the All Saints Party.
Someone labeled them "St. Isidores Pumpkin Patch"  Cute, huh?

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