November 10, 2014


I think that writing blog posts about events from over a week ago is a good idea, don't you?

It is just that it takes me that long to get pictures off of Ken's phone.  Belated is becoming my middle name.  Which is good, since I don't have one.  Drives people nuts that I don't fill something in that spot on forms.  They are sure I am just embarrassed by my middle name or something.  Nope.

I also like to go on tangents.  So maybe I should just call myself Hope Belated Tangent.  Has a lovely ring to it.

Anyway anyway anyway.  Trick or treat pics are what I've got.  Belatedly.  (Which is better than last year when I posted....nothing).
Just before takeoff, I seriously think my crew was experiencing low blood sugar right about now.  Barely smiles.  Barely looking at the camera.  Good thing the sugar rush was on the way.  Elizabeth opted to keep on her St. Elizabeth of Hungary costume, Jacob switched out St. Joe for Jedi, Nicholas is a safari guy, Nathan and Patrick were Bengals fans, Caroline is Caroline and Peter is....probably playing with his cousin's cars in the house.
Speaking of cousins... sure my kids look forward to the candy.  But they look forward to time with these guys even more.  Candy + Cousins = Awesome!  We are thankful to have share the fun with them.
The only house Carrie walked up to, and the only one she would wear a mask.  Two pieces of candy were enough--she was done!  Peter didn't go to any, which was fine...he didn't exactly miss out on the sugar.

The queen counts her candy.  I'd say it was a success in spite of the rain and the cold temps!  (And there is still a big bowl on top of the fridge of what hasn't been eaten yet!).

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