November 18, 2014

First Snow.

We had our first snow of the year yesterday!  Amazing!  Broke records, the last record for that date was 3 inches of snow in 1920 and we hit 5 inches.  We started yesterday out at a lovely 32 degress and ended in the teens.  Today, we are breaking low temperature records that go back to 1880.  Wild and crazy.  So, while we try to stay warm.... here come the cold pictures.  
Caroline isn't sure what to think about all that white stuff.


Caroline loved her sled ride with Nathan.  She didn't like coming back up so much.
She prefers if that white stuff didn't touch her.

In fact, she really just wanted to do her normal driveway activities.
Bellies full on hot chocolate makes for cozy boy fun.

My psychadelic see-through ruler shows the snow on our deck at just over 5 inches.

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