November 11, 2014


I got overzealous at Costco one day.  In my excitement over great produce, I bought a 5lb package of grapes.  We love grapes.  Eat them nearly every day.
Do you see what is the problem with these grapes?  I'll give you a minute.

Times up.  They are seeded.  And no one would eat them.  We are so spoiled in the land of seedless grapes.  I really wanted to make lanterns for Martinmas however, I had no supplies.  Also after many days of a crappy cold--tired.  I think St. Martin was speaking to me himself....he whispered...grapes.  Wikipedia confirmed that Martinmas is associated with the beginning of the wine making season.  Want me to give you a minute to read that too?  No?  
 I really hate wasting food.  Which doesn't happen much here.  Whatever doesn't get eaten either goes to the dogs or the chickens.  I hated the thought of dumping a whole 5lb thing of grapes to the chickens.
 While the kids plucked grapes, I read about St. Martin.  I also read the aforementioned Wikipedia page.
 We discovered we didn't really have any great tools for mashing.  We tried many.  Including an ice cream scoop (that I also use for meat tenderizing...haha!).  So, yes, we mashed to the best of our ability and cooked on medium high for 10 minutes.
Then strained and we got almost 3 cups.  I think we could have gotten almost 4 but those grapes were still hot hot hot!
 Looks more like punch?  Tasted more like punch too.  Keep in mind, they weren't concord grapes so we weren't quite sure how they would come out.
 Elizabeth said, "It tastes like grapes.   (pause)   It tastes like HORRIBLE grapes!"
Patrick is just making a face for effect.  Or maybe not.  The success rate of the juice was about 50/50 if you rate it on who drank theirs or who spit it out.   Though, some members admitted that they didn't like "regular" grape juice either.  There you have it.

The chickens still get the grape mash for the win.

St. Martin, pray for us!

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