December 31, 2014

2014: The best of.

It is so hard to pick just a handful of photos to sum up a year.  I can't do it very well even for a single event much less for a whole year.  Gosh, I can't even pick a handful of photos for one year for one of the kids!  As I look back, I am amazed at this year.  We had so many fun opportunities that were unique.  Big milestones.  Little moments.  So much goodness.


I know, goofy, weather is getting it's own category.   We started the year in crazy cold doubled up with lots of snow.  Through March. 

And then again in....November.

It was a big birthday year.

And a whole bunch in between.

I just. can't. even.  We had an amazing year for trips.  And there are smaller ones not even listed here: a camping trip for Ken and Nate, a ATV trip for all of the boys.  Here are the big ones:

The sand dunes at sunset in the Outer Banks, NC with extended family in June.

Rain-soaked and hiding out in a sentry box for our 15th Anniversary in Puerto Rico.

Thrill seeking at the Magic Kingdom in September.
Heading up the coast from Orlando to Destin in October.

Watching an early morning lunar eclipse while we were there.

County Fair.
The 4H fair takes up so much of our time and energy it really deserves a zillion pictures.
The cutest ever to all of us.

 Moments to remember.
Then there are all the moments in between.

Finding that Coke with your name on it at the church festival.

Puddle jumping.

Bike riding.

The man who planted 40 trees single-handedly.
Get that man a cape! 
Grocery shopping.  We do a lot of that.

Brother fun.  These two have become good buds this year.

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