December 12, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen most of these and you can just move along now.  Or perhaps, you were zoning out to the scrolling happenin' over there---->.  

(Fancy graphics, eh?)

Anyhow, I'm just waiting for the littles to fall asleep before moving freely about the cabin so I thought I would, you know,  make an official blog post about.... Nothing.  Two points for you if you are still reading!

Advent got off to a good start.

Then, alas, the flu? The headache virus of extreme annoyance? As far as viruses go, I can't complain-- other than nothing was accomplished for a week while it went through everyone. 

Poor Elizabeth suffered the most. She missed the family outing to cut down the Christmas tree.  Well, so did I and so did Caroline.  It's just that Carrie didn't know what she was missing.
Liz was back in the game the next day and happily watched me make snickers pie.

You want to see that?  Here you go:
Bad photo of snickers pie.  You asked for it!  It tasted yummy.  That is all.

The boy trip to get the perfect tree.  It is beautiful!
Decorating in action.  Carrie thought this was thrilling.  Put the ornament on, take it off, rustle in the ornament bin, put same ornament on, take it off, step on it, rustle in the bin, repeat.

So, I accepted the challenge to run a mile every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

And the universe laughed.

Then it gave us weird virus thing.  Where I am required to sit on couch with unhappy children all day.  And have Peter climb on me.  It's the climbing on me part that really got me.  The point is ... I only exercised twice.  Sure, pictures, why not.

Mucho excitemento.

Sums up my life exactly.  Aren't you glad you stopped by?  Well, even if you aren't--I'm glad you did!  

God bless,

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