February 1, 2015

A very happy birthday.

 Happy happy birthday to my sweet Caroline!  What a terrific two you are.  You bring such joy and life to everyone in our family.  We are just starting to see some of the two year old in you but luckily for you, we love two year olds!
Caroline had  a rubber ducky cake for her party because "Quack" is the one animal sound she will say.  And "Duck" is what she calls all birds.  She loved it!  She almost couldn't wait to have that cute, pink duck on the top and she happily showed everyone her duck cake.  She didn't eat any of it though--she's just not much of a sweets girl.  She'll have cheese curls over cake any day.

I wasn't sure at first if she even knew what the day was about.  Once she got the idea that those presents were hers there was no stopping her from opening them. 
By golly, once they were  opened she was going to keep every single one of them with her, too!  After a little while, she happily shared.  Which means that Peter commandeered the toy mixer for the rest of the night.   
Oh the joy when everyone started singing Happy Birthday!  I wish we'd thought to have the video camera going.  Poor seventh child!  Where have our brains gone? Lol.

This year, she blew out all of her own candles.  Very happily too.  It was a great day for her and a blessing to see her take such joy in her celebration!  It is so wonderful as well to see her surrounded by a family that loves and cherishes her and loves every little thing she does.  Blessings abounding!

Caroline with her godmother.

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