February 19, 2015



Elizabeth is master creator.  Always drawing, cutting, pasting and so on.  I think I get a new drawing of Mary every day.  They are all beautiful but I particularly liked the cheeriness of this one.  Now, I just need to convince her to not cut them all out so that I can frame them! 

 Just as the sun was setting yesterday, a little gale of snow blew through.  Very pretty.  Very neat to be in.


Oh boy were they happy to go out in the snow.  They weren't happy to stay out there long (it was very, very cold.  9 degrees maybe?).  In spite of the fact that I only had to redress Peter twice (hello, meltdown) and took me just shy of 45 minutes to get them ready.  They're so worth it though--adorable in their puffy snow pants and cozy hats.

Caroline really really loves Sally.  So much that Carrie smothers Sally with her favorite toys.  Sally was just about to make her escape when I snapped this photo.  I think that Sally secretly loves the attention.

Also, funny is that I scheduled this post for Ash Wednesday.  I promise we did not eat that on Ash Wednesday.  I should have posted something very profound instead.  But I didn't--because profound is not my forte these days.  Survival is.  However, I did make this tuna salad for lunch.  Ate it in mini sweet peppers and it was very, very good.

 As a bonus, kitty had the treat of licking the can.  Which Caroline found interesting.  She doesn't love the cat quite as much as Sally.  Because when she loves him too much, he doesn't like it.  And there are consequences.


 Someone (okay, it was me) forgot they put the mop bucket on the front porch.  My kids pulled it out of the bucket and now we have porch art.   And I have no mop.

 See? Art.  Or a weapon.  And a girl who's hat will be garbage by spring.  Hillbillies we are.  Hillbillies, I say.  C'mon spring...I need my mop back....

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