March 30, 2015

Birthday Buddies.

Happy Birthday to Jacob and Nicholas, our birthday buddies!  Jacob is 10 and Nick is 6.  They had a wonderful joint birthday yesterday with lots of cousins and presents.  They are growing up so fast! Wow.

 Jacob chose a volcano cake this year.  (Which I have been notified by Nathan that was possibly the worst looking cake I have ever made).  Jacob was happy with it though, so there's that.  Nicholas wanted a cake with a "car driving by some deer at sunset" which is harder to pull off than you think.  It's art, I tell you.  He was very happy with his cake.

 The bonus of a volcano cake is the smoking volcano, of course.  Courtesy of some dry ice.
The vapor from the dry ice helped Jacob out with his candles, Nicholas had to blow his out on his own. 
When there is extra dry ice...well, there will be bombs.  (Thanks Dan for that idea!)  When we looked it up, there was a cautionary statement about unexploded bombs (of which we had several) and calling a law enforcement official to shoot them and diffuse them.... the scenarios we conjured up about that were pretty funny.
 All the guys in anticipation of the explosion.  We had one good one.  And many unexploded ones on the porch this morning that I had to "diffuse" because they looked on the brink of finally going off.  So much fun!

My two boys had a wonderful birthday celebration and I am so thankful for Nicholas and Jacob, who light up our lives!  Happy birthday, boys!

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