March 16, 2015

Frances Joseph.

Baby Frances Joseph born into heaven on March 10, 2015

Named after St. Frances of Rome (Feastday March 9th) and St. Joseph (Feastday March 19th).  Also known as Frances Joseph Laser Bob depending on who you ask in our family.  :)

This ultrasound was from the week before.  We are all missing our baby even though he/she was so tiny (just 7.5 weeks gestational age).

We found out about this wee one's existence on Valentine's Day and we told the kids on Fat Tuesday.  I'm thankful for the joy they all had in finding out about their new sibling and that they had a couple weeks of joy.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have seen my baby on ultrasound.  To have heard the heartbeat and watch it flicker.  So many women don't have that experience.  God speaks my love language--He gave me a photo to remember this wee one by and I'm thankful for that.

In the end, we are all thankful for God's never ending grace and goodness.  We will hold little Frances in our hearts until we meet again in Heaven.

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