March 19, 2015

Godspell Jr.

Last fall, Patrick signed up to take a theatre class at a local Catholic school.  (This class was taught by his uncle who is a drama/theatre teacher at a local high school and also attended by two of my nephews and some other homeschool friends of ours.  So much fun!)  He really stepped out of his comfort zone and tried something new.  He loved it!

The play that they put on was Godspell Jr (a shortened version of Godspell).  These few photos below are from  one of the practices, Patrick is in the green.  A friend, Ernie, is in the orange as Jesus.

In this pic, Patrick is the Priest who passes by in the story of The Good Samaritan.
Patrick also had a funny one-liner during the beatitudes where Jesus says, "Did I ever tell you that I used to read feet?  No, its true.  Some people read palms or tree leaves, I read feet.  Look at what this foot says.  It says, 'Rejoice!'" and Patrick says, "No, that says Reebok."

Patrick also had a narration sequence (not shown) that he had to memorize as well as the songs and coordinating dance movements!  They practiced every week from October until the show February 22nd, with a couple breaks for holidays.

These next few pics are from the day of the show (there were two shows in one day).  We really failed on taking very many pictures (mainly because we were trying to keep the little people quiet in the audience!) but everyone really enjoyed the show and Patrick did a great job.

Between the two shows, we managed to get a picture with our actor and Grandma before he ran off to join the others at the cast party.  We're proud of him for trying something new and working hard!

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