April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all of us!  Thankfully, Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful.  I, for one, am so happy for warm weather.  Though I feel like I pretty much failed at all of my Lenten resolutions, Easter still holds all the joy and hope of the Resurrection.  For that, I am really thankful.
The hunt for baskets was a little different this year.  Dad was at the hospital with Grandpa (who is fine now--recovering from pneumonia.  Praise the Lord!) and since Dad hides the Easter baskets.... we had a little trouble finding them!  We had to call Ken so we could find Jacob's which wasn't even all that terribly hidden!  
One bunch of our dyed eggs.  These are all "homegrown" and I like their deeper colors.  And, yes, that egg says "the toilet" on it with a picture of a toilet!  The tradition of egg cracking continues complete with names for eggs that are supposed to make the other eggs quiver in fear.

Ken made in home in time for breakfast and the egg wars, of course.  I think everyone was so intent on the battle that they didn't eat much.  (Or maybe they'd just filled up on the contents of their baskets?)
This orange egg was Nicholas' favorite and came out with an early lead with several battles won.  Unfortunately, it met it's eventual demise.
For the first time ever, Elizabeth and her purple egg became the Easter Egg Cracking winner.  She was pretty excited about that.  The rest of Easter morning meant enjoying some of the weather outside and new basket treats.

We were blessed to have two days of fun with both sides of the family including two Easter egg hunts.
Now, we get to enjoy this octave of Easter, stuff ourselves full of chocolate and complete that Paschal candle kit I forgot to get out for the kids!

Alleluia, He is Risen!

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