April 2, 2015


Joining up with Like Mother Like Daughter for a little recap of March.  I mean, I actually did post more than once this month (yay for me!) but here are some of the moments I didn't post (yet).

The first bulbs up this year are these miniature daffodils I planted along the trail in the woods.
That burst of yellow is such a welcome sight!
I love this shot of Nicholas from his little celebration on his actual birthday.

Waffles for dinner for the Assumption.  One meal everyone is happy about.
Weather warm enough for toes in sand makes all of us very happy.
Now, we frequently make pancake shapes for breakfast.  This one was particularly happy and funny.  I was making these for just my little kids one morning all of the big kids were out.  They were supposed to be Mickey Mouses but look more like bears.  It was just a happy because I loved their little kid exuberances over 1.  having pancakes (even though we do every weekend) and 2. shaped ones.  So sweet.

Everyone needs a good stretch now and then.
There was a creature battle in full force on the chalkboard.  So funny to hear all the names for each one, what that creatures powers or strengths are, and the constant discussion over which side is winning.  Every now and then, Peter would take matters into his own hands and erase one which upsetted the balance between the sides.

 Nathan started a high school Ultimate team this year.  He is loving it.  The real is that March suddenly became very busy with two tournaments and lots of practices.  It is worth it though.
 As an added bonus, there gets to be some really great cousin time!

 And here we are, at the beginning of the Triduum, the end of Lent, transitioning into Easter.  It's really real.  All He did for us.  Everything we don't deserve.  The joy we get to experience in Heaven someday because of His sacrifice.  It's here.  It's real.

Have a blessed Easter!

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