April 16, 2015

{PHFR}: It's Spring!


An unusual bird laid these eggs and they blended in so perfectly with the rocks, even if placed very impractically alongside our private drive.  Mama bird has since abandoned them which is a shame.

A girl, a dog and a little red wagon.  What could be better?  Her muddy knees tickle me to death!



Spring brings kite flying! The kids love being able to put those Easter trinkets to good use.

  Oldest and youngest.  They make a cute pair.
 Two youngest.  Looking just like each other in their poses and sweet smiles.
 My sweet boy loves to present me with a bouquet of wild "flowers."  I love the sentiment.

She's ready for the next challenge--mud puddle, rock throwing, flower collecting--she's in.

Nothing better than a puddle and some rocks to throw in it!

Totally unrelated to the rest of this post...throwback to June 2001 at Cumberland Falls.  I have this one labeled as "family photo" which is really weird to think of us just as a little family of three.  So long ago.  And my husband totally looks 15, lol!  Nathan is somewhere around 6 months here and hey. look at that...I'm wearing a watch!

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