April 23, 2015



Spring is here, the sun shines more often than not.  Sunlight glows through new leaf buds.  Spiders are happily making strands from branch to branch.  Chickens are happily escaping their run.  We all rejoice with the sunshine!


Matching dresses + happy conversation + spring air = the best kind of bliss.

Projects inspired and begun at dusk.  Creativity and resourcefulness abounds.  Mud patties and outside tea parties coming right up. (This is the beginning for a table for their outside play house).

No one is happier than this girl.  Electrified hair and all.  The trampoline is her favorite place to be.  One of her recent tricks is to steal anyone's shoes (even Mama's nice church shoes) to make her way to the trampoline.

Boys.  That is all.

Thankfully, it is still Easter.  We were in church last Sunday and I looked up at the Paschal candle and remembered that I had bought this kit and then forgot about it!  Whoops!  We finally assembled it yesterday and it was harder than I thought.  That recommended age of 10 is pretty accurate.

 The finished product is pretty though and we are looking forward to lighting it!

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