April 21, 2015

Zoo fun.

Yesterday started off gloomy and blustery and disappointing, especially after some beautiful weather on Saturday.  We were all at a loss for what to do with ourselves inside again when we'd found so much to do outside.  I was getting a shower and had the thought that if we stayed at home, we would just be bumps on logs all day.  Oh what to do with ourselves?  In the wind and showers of rain?

Yeah, lets go to the zoo.  So we packed up some lunches and we went!  Which, is nothing short of a miracle.  Seriously.  We have been so busy and I don't like to be so busy.  Not much time for anything spontaneous.  I feel pretty proud of us that we made it out of the door in an hour.

 Except some of us didn't think to bring our coats.  And even wore shorts and short sleeves!  But! But!  The sun came out!  The zoo felt a little more sheltered than at home and not as blustery.  Plus, I think all that pavement puts off a little heat.  Sure, sure it does.  The best picture of the crew of the day.

I love this photo--holding hands as they approach that peacock together! 
I just can't get over her pony tail in this one! 
Turtle races. 
Feed a giraffe.
Touch a snake. 
Be in awe over the train.  Even the second time around!

I asked Nathan to take a photo with me in it.  This was the best.  Um, Patrick?  You okay??

The Peacock is once again competing for attention like last year.

I'm really glad we jumped in the car and went.  What would be my favorite time to go to the zoo? When no one else is there!  Just ask my kids, I love the quick trips at 3 pm when everyone else has gone home for dinner or getting up and being the first one there.  Taking a chance on the weather sometimes pays off in no lines for anything, especially the train.

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