June 7, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday!

Yes, that's a double happy birthday to two special kiddos--Elizabeth and Peter!  Though their birthdays are 11 days apart, they often share a party.  Because.  Easier.  And, they share the same Godparents so it just works out well that way. 
Elizabeth had no idea what she wanted for her eighth birthday cake this year, so roses it was.  So, so simple and always looks beautiful.
Peter very much knew what he wanted for his four year old cake--which was a dinosaur cake.  I think he was maybe hoping for some dry ice effects but forgot all about it by the party day.  (Whew.  Because we forgot too!)

I love Peter watching Liz blow out her candles and then Liz watching Peter, with a cousin who really wanted to help!  So cute!

We were thrilled to be able to have cousins come to play.  Here are three of the girls having a nice chat.  There is something to this beginning of summer birthday party that makes me feel like we really get to do all of the fun things.  Games outside and just really enjoy the kids.
Bob and the birthday boy playing "fix-it shop."
A quick game of wiffle ball before dinner.
Cousins still practicing and Caroline thinking she's going to catch!
Hanging out on the front porch with Grandma and Grandpa after dinner.
A game of Ultimate that anyone can play, no matter the age.  I love this pic because there are so many people in motion in it.
Enjoying birthday presents with cousins after sunset.

And we finished a great party off with a little "pin-the-princess-on-the-pony."  Which was loads of hilarious fun.  Especially because some kids made knights, princesses, bugs, and all sorts of crazy creations.

Happy 8th birthday, Elizabeth and 4th birthday, Peter!  We love you both and love how you both have a sunny enthusiasm for life!

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