June 22, 2015

Share a Coke.

I'm finally going to try and get caught up on blog posts.  At least, put a few fun things here that I haven't gotten to do yet.  

Sometime in June, Nathan and Liz found their names on the 20oz Cokes in the grocery store.  I agreed to buy them --if they had their actual name and only one time.  (Because you know they'd be trying to buy a Coke every day if they could!)

Nathan and Liz found theirs first and the hunt was on every time we went into a store that had refrigerated cases of sodas...

Nick and Jake were next to find theirs.  Even though Nicholas technically found his last year at his Grandparents' church festival.  

Can you believe that Patrick was really really really hard to find?  We searched high and low.  Scoured every soda case.  We found lots that we didn't even know were names.  Like Aja, Beatriz, and Yesenia?  Late one night will perusing the end caps at Meijer....success!
We found Patrick.  Well, actually, I did.  Happiness just the same.  We didn't look for Peter or Caroline because they don't need a Coke anyway.  At the very least, it was a fun way to run errands!

Want to know if your name is on a bottle?  You can go here to find out.  :)

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