June 9, 2015

Strawberry Days.

 Several years ago, when we were living at our old house, we had a great little strawberry patch.  It was in a corner of our yard but it produced more strawberries than we could eat.  Of course, we were much smaller back then.  (Aren't those three so adorable?  Those little boys grew up way too fast.)

We've struggled to have a thriving patch in the new house.  Neighbors gave us some of their runners two years ago and finally, finally this year we have a crop.

Lots of beautiful berry deliciousness!  So, it may seem silly to some but we are really really happy to have strawberries again.  Little hands love to be helpers and go out and find the strawberries (and sneak them for a treat when they think no one is looking).

 Fresh from the pool, they're so happy to show off their first big collection.
 I made the big kids get in the picture (remembering back to all those years we took pictures with strawberries).
 Of course, we have to be a little silly.  Just because.
 And, we have to gobble up the warm, fresh berries until they are all gone and mouths and fingers are stained pink!  Thank you Lord for the goodness of Your creation!  Thank you for harvests, no matter how small, that nourish our bodies!

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