September 18, 2015

Rabbit rabbit.

Nathan for awhile has wanted to start a rabbitry.  Or at least, try his hand at it.  So when a graduating Senior from our 4H club asked if we wanted his 3 Mini Rex, we said sure!  

Then, when I call him to make arrangements to pick up the rabbits...he informs us that the two does are expecting.  Like in the next two weeks.  As in, you need to come get them.  Now. 

Oh boy.  Instant rabbitry.

Of course, my children all negotiate for who gets which of the three rabbits.  Elizabeth chose the gray doe (that means girl) who she named Elsa.  Elsa had her litter first.  We were so excited!  Look at those little squishy baby bunnies!
Patrick chose the black doe who he didn't name but I call her Midnight.  That's what happens when you deliberate too long.  Your mom does it for you.  Anyway, his doe had her kits one week later.  So teeny tiny!

One of Elsa's litter at about a week old.  Getting fur, eyes still closed.  So sweet and snuggly.  Happy to curl into a warm hand and sleep!  It is hard to tell in this photo but this one is brown and the one we will probably keep.

This is a gray one.  And actually the first to find a new home.  (Elizabeth's fingers are covered in paint.  Typical!)

Elsa had her litter in a cage in the basement.  Though I would not recommend keeping bunnies in your basement (or worse yet, in a dog crate.  Ewww.), it really was so much fun to have these guys to snuggle and play with every day.  I would often wonder where everyone was.  This is where.  With the babies.

This one is about 3 weeks old here, same gray one from above.  I could barely get her picture because she wanted to snuggle into my hand!  Ken had to help me out for a quick pic.  This was by far the cutest stage.  All the teeny, tiny, hopping, fuzzy bunnies.  Cuteness overload!  
Then life got busy and here this one is at 6 weeks.  This is from Elsa's litter.
This bunch of black and gray is Midnight's litter.  Now that they're all grown, we just have to find them homes!

Image of St. Melangell
Did you know there is a patron saint of rabbits?  St. Melangell!  St. Melangell, pray for us!  St. Francis, pray for us.

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