September 7, 2015


We have another teen in the house!  Patrick turned 13 and of course that meant epic partying.   Friend party, extended family party, and a simple party with "just us."  It was a whirlwind but worth it.

Strategizing before the next round of battle.
Setting off model rockets.

I think I've said it before, we don't really have "friend" parties until the 13th.  My children are blessed with cousins who they consider to be their best friends and some of those cousins come to their birthday with their Aunts/Uncles who are their Godparents.  We love those times with cousins and they are special.  So the 13th rite of passage is a big "friend" party.  Patrick chose an airsoft war and this group of guys is great.  Everyone gets along and plays fair.  As a party favor, we made little model rockets and shot them off (unfortunately, not everyone got theirs back!).

I love this photo of Patrick from his extended family party.  He looks so grown up in this photo.  His Nana gave him "socks" for his birthday.  That tickled his funny bone.  Of course, there was a lovely gift card tucked inside.  

 From us, Patrick received Mario Kart for the Wii U.  If you know Patrick, you know he loved this even though it wasn't one of his "ideas".
 P is for Patrick.  And, hey, leftover cupcakes make a great quick cup-cake.
 Gotta love little brothers and their faces.

Happy 13th, Patrick!  We love you so much and hope you have a blessed year!

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