October 7, 2015

31 Days: Fellowship.


Dear Child,

Gosh it was a late night last night.  And we are all a little tired today.  And yes, I realized I didn't post a note for you yesterday.  Just never made it to the computer.  It was one of those days, eh?  For you, too, I think.

I was glancing through the four photos I took last night at your cousin's Confirmation.  I realized I had something to say about this photo:

Fellowship.  Community.  You may not be friends with everyone in this photo right now.  You might be friends with them someday, who knows?  It isn't really about this photo or that everyone is acting a little goofy.  Or that Father Lambert is trying hard to be the goofiest of all.

That photo made me think of faith and community.  You might not realize it as a child entirely but your Dad and I are working hard to give you friends that share the same faith.  Friends who can hold you up and hold you to it.

You have friends who don't share your faith.  You will, especially as you get older, hang out with people of other faiths or who have no faith at all.  Those people can be wonderful friends, too.  So don't think I'm being all exclusive and saying that you should only hang out with people who think just. like. you.

I'm not saying that.

I am saying that growing a community, a network of friends who share your Catholic faith will be invaluable.  Those friends are going to be the ones who help you understand when you are questioning.  Those friends are the ones who will turn you around if you start going the wrong way.  Those friends will help you raise your children, feed you when you are sick, pray for you when you are hurt.

That also means YOU need to be that person to your friends.  Be strong in your faith so that you can help them understand, pull them back, help with their kids, feed them when they are sick, pray for them when they are hurt.  That's how the body of Christ works.  We're all in this together.


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