October 14, 2015

31 Days: Parents aren't perfect.

Dear Child,

I didn't forget to write that follow-up about Love from the other day.  I just haven't had time to thoughtfully articulate it.  I'll get to it... it might be next year.  But, I'll get to it?

Which brings me to this:  Parents aren't perfect.  I know, that's not a newsflash to you.  Especially if you are a teenager when you read this.  However, it is true.  In fact, there is no perfect human.  Something to do with Original Sin and free will.

Despite our best efforts, parents can't always stay true to their word.  We don't always get to follow through on the plans we had with you.  Heck, we don't always get to follow through on the plans we had for dinner.  It has something to do with all those other people we all live with that have their own plans.  We try really really hard to do what we say we're going to.  So the next time that much anticipated bike ride (or whatever) doesn't happen, give us a little grace.

Parents are also often late.  We don't make what you like for dinner.  We might not agree with your clothing choices, or be happy about your grades.  We aren't always smiley and full of encouragement, it is true.  Sometimes we do "weird" things or look "dorky" or just flat out won't give you what you want.

Our love for you, though, is about as perfect as it can get.  We'd do anything for you and will always, always love you.  No matter what.


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