October 14, 2015

Apple Picking.

Since I feel pretty much behind on everything in life... I figure I better spend a little time playing "catch-up."  Or ketchup.  Whatever.

A couple weeks ago, we dropped Ken off at the airport.  (He went to Germany!) Then, the kids and I headed to a family apple-picking trip.

 It was a beautiful day and the orchard was crazy busy.  The last time I had been to this orchard was a field trip and we had the place to ourselves.  I hadn't thought that it would be so full of people.  Taking the tractor ride to the apple trees was not going to happen.  Especially with our large group.  So the guys took the lead in heading to the picking place.
 Nicholas really likes his apples. Pretty sure he ate his weight in them on this day.  We sampled several different varieties while we were there, which is fun.

 Caroline gets her picture taken the most since she's the only one not running off with cousins yet! :)  Here, she's showing off one of my favorites: golden delicious.
 Everyone likes to climb the trees to get the apples at the very top.  (Of course, they are the best.)  Caroline had to have a turn, too.
 Nathan was the muscle for the trip--carrying the apples in the 5 gal bucket all the way back to the front.
 Peter enjoyed having his own bag of apples.  Though they were the worse for wear by the time we got home, lots of bruises!
 Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed themselves!  

We used up our apples with a couple apple pies, apple butter, apple crisp and eating them straight.  I had hoped to make another trip to the orchard, but of course, that hasn't happened!

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