November 11, 2015


We pretty much flopped on our All Saints enthusiasm this year.  Only Elizabeth dressed up for our co-op's All Saints Day party.  She was St. Gianna Molla.

Somehow, I managed to buy the girls' Halloween costumes early.  Mostly because Carrie really believes she is part Elsa (and part puppy) and we happened to be at Sam's Club and see an Elsa costume that was very necessary for her survival.  Of course, Elizabeth's favorite Frozen character is Anna so...easy.  The boys fended for themselves as usual except for last minute drama over not being able to find one of our Bengals jerseys which resulted in a quick stop to Walmart.

 The requisite some-of-us-be-crazy photo.  Left to right:  Bengals fan, Anna, Elsa, Jedi, Safari guy, Bengals fan.
 Followed by the we-are-trying-hard-to-look-normal-photo.
 My favorite photo.  A princess and her Dad.

Some examples of the candy haul.  I'd say they have more than enough!

Then, there's Carrie.  She thoroughly enjoyed trick or treating.  Opened five packages of candy, declared them all "bleck" and asked for a banana.  A non-sugar-hyped two year old? Yes, please!

We were blessed with perfect weather this year and cousins to share the fun.  Nathan was a soccer tournament so we missed having him with us.  Great memories!

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