December 11, 2015

Advent Week 1.

So, the first week of Advent... busy and yet, uneventful in it's own way!  Who blogs about the first week of Advent, anyway? Well, I guess I do.  

Of course, Advent starts coming off a pie high and weekend full of shopping and flung us straight into colds/coughs/maybe pneumonia/maybe not so ... let's stay home from Friday co-op where I had the below art project all planned out for class.  I was excited to try it and then we did.  (Directions can be found here.)

 I love all the variations.  Clockwise we have versions by : Liz, Peter, Carrie (abstract!!), work in progress, Nick, Jacob.  Somehow, I missed Patrick's in this collage and Nathan, poor boy, still had to go to class.  Now, I just have to hang them up?

 The girls also got haircuts.  I know, I'm lame.  Blogging about haircuts.  BUT, there was great debate in the house over if Carrie should actually get any hair cut or not.  I documented with before pictures because this was her first haircut, after all.  She was a pro and very still the entire time.  The after pic is the top left, complete with hair straightened and glitter.  I think the hairdresser chickened out too and didn't cut much off saying, "Do you know how much people pay for hair like hers?"  Lol.

The weekend brought the annual trip to the tree farm.  Insert abysmal attempt at group photo here.  Don't look so miserable, people!  It wasn't even cold!

These three found the perfect tree.  And they would have cut it down, too, if I hadn't confiscated that saw in time.

 The two oldest boys cut down the tree themselves.  It is a weird thing to suddenly be displaced in your duties.  The two littlest wanted in on the action so Ken "helped" them have a turn.

Insert group photo with tree that is goofy but hey, they look alive!   Then, it was off to hot chocolate, popcorn, and putting the tree up in the family room before the Christmas parade.

Group photo at the parade.  They look like they need....sugar.  Good thing the peppermint sticks will rain like manna from the sky.

Ears in fingers every time the police cars or fire engines go by!

 Home for dinner and a movie while Dad ran out to the store for St. Nick treats (oops!).  Off to bed and the stockings hung by the chimney with care.....

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