December 24, 2015

Advent Week 3.

Advent week 3.  Time really slips away.  It's a good thing the Church gives us all this time to prepare ourselves for Christmas!

We did a pretty good job of keeping up with Jesse tree/Advent wreath devotions this year so far.  I think the fact that everyone is getting older helps.  We also were doing two ornaments most nights to compensate for the nights when other commitments pulled us away.

Nathan's school schedule was a little lighter this week so we were able to slip away to the Cincinnati Museum Center and see The Art of the Brick exhibit.

"Hey, Dum-Dum!  You give me gum-gum!"  The Easter Island head was one of the favorites in the exhibit.  My favorite was the Lego stained-glass window.  It was pretty neat but I didn't get a picture.
The T-Rex was another favorite.
Patrick unwittingly dressed appropriately and matched green man.  Appropriate!

Though it was interesting to see Legos used as art, the favorite time of the whole exhibit was actually playing with the legos.  Funny, seems like we have a lot of those at home!  How amazing it is to have them sorted into little bins though.

Some of the guys went to see a Star Wars movie that premiered.  Had something to do with The Force Awakening.  You probably haven't heard anything about it at all, have you?  At any rate, Patrick was ready use the Force if he had to.  Thankfully, he didn't.

While the guys were away, we had a Polar Express night.  It was required that we read the book first,  I think the movie is okay, but I much prefer the sweetness of the book.

Treats coming up....
Just in time for the hot chocolate scene!  A cozy way to spend the evening.

Then we had a birthday on Friday.  It was a simple celebration.  The man blew out candles in a bun because we had lots of cookies to eat.  The intent was that we would do the big deal with Ken's parents the next day.
But!  Instead, Ken didn't get a party at all.  What we thought was going to be a routine visit to the Urgent Care for one of the boys turned into an overnight stay at Children's complete with IV antibiotics and all.  Whew!  Not how we would've thought we'd spend the Saturday before Christmas.  Thankfully, the infection that had spread from an abscess quickly resolved before it became something more serious.

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