January 13, 2016

12 Days of Christmas.

So, how about a post on our 12 days of Christmas in 52 photos or less?

I promise there are not 52 photos.  It will just feel like it.  And since I don't really remember what yesterday was... I cannot totally be for sure which day some of these photos were taken on.  So I'm just lumping them all together.
Carrie is crying because her mom has a bad memory.  Peter is ashamed.

No really, I don't remember why Carrie was crying Christmas morning.  Probably because she wasn't awake and no one had gotten her a cup of coffee... milk.... yet.  Peter is just rubbing his eyes awake.
 Christmas morning really was like this.  All princess crowns and smiles.

And peacefully enjoying playmobil in pajamas.  Before heading off to Ken's family's gathering.  Of which, I have zero photos.  Darn.

 The day after Christmas was an entire day of blissful hanging out in the detritus.  No cleaning.  Just fun.
Even the Gertrude enjoyed the hanging out.
 Pilchard and Peter enjoyed the napping.  We all enjoyed the napping.

The next day was Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Anniversary celebration.  We celebrated with a blessing at the church where they were married followed by at the hall where they had their reception.  A beautiful walk down memory lane for them and us.

 The bubbles and dancing at the reception hall were the best ever.

 Insert more images of sleeping, playing, etc. here.  Because, whew, much tiredness and recovery needed.  Also, in fact, insert Ken going to work even though he was supposed to be off for the week.  Also, a chiropractor appointment and Costco runs.  Necessary stuff.

Snuck away with my boys to finally see that movie everyone was raving about.  It was pretty good.  I'd like to go see it again.

A trip to Krohn's Conservatory is a necessity every year.  We all love the outdoor Nativity with real animals.
 Grandpa managed to get us all in one photo.
 Carrie managed to insert herself into the Grandparents photo.
Also, the rare and elusive photo of just Ken and I.  That doesn't happen often!

This was Carrie's favorite spot at the Conservatory--the incline train!  We had to come back to this spot at least three times.

Then it was out to dinner and I just, just, couldn't resist poking a little fun.  She's the cutest one ever.

 New Years Eve and Fireball Island are a classic combo.  Much food and fun was had by all.
 As well as being loud and crazy at the stroke of midnight.  No fireworks this year.  Because we forgot!

Fast forward to Epiphany... candles, incense, house blessing.
My favorite moment.  Carrie had to sit next to baby Jesus... then couldn't resist touching him ever so gently.  The faith of a child!

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