January 12, 2016

Christmas Eve.

 Christmas Eve was a beautifully mild day.  Windows were open, Gertie was loving it.  Having her pic taken?  Apparently, not so much.  Christmas Eve was a bit unusual this year for us.  Typically, we host dinner (it should have been my family this year--we alternate between the two sides) but schedules didn't all coordinate and so... for the first time in the history of our family... we had Christmas Eve all to ourselves.  It was strange and wonderful all at the same time.

We ended up going to 315 Mass just like normal though.  Only, we were just on time and stood for the whole thing even though this was the "overflow" Mass in the gymnasium.  Not a big deal.  Until the end (when, incidentally, we finally had seats because of the large numbers of people who left after communion... ahem...), and then somehow Caroline happened to notice this leetle red button next to an outlet on the wall.

And she pushed it.  BEEEP!  Yeah, it was the buzzer for times up in basketball or something.  The entire congregation and priests jumped.  Then laughed.  I personally laughed (quietly) so hard I was crying.  Scared the daylights out of poor Carrie!  Hey, she was under Ken's watch at the other end of the row....  Another first for us!

Then we headed home and started dinner.  The kids did their exchange with each other.  The big gift of the night was Patrick's gift for Nick.  Patrick had saved up to buy a new ipod on a Black Friday deal.  So all of Advent he was conspiring to give Nick his old one and even made a Lego gift box for it.  Here, Nicholas still isn't sure that the iPod was really for him!  He was thrilled.  He also became the first member of the family to own an iPod that 1) he didn't buy and 2) before his First Communion.

Dinner time!  Oh what a delicious dinner it was! We had fun eating on our china and drinking from fancy wine glasses and feasting.
We still had not made our gingerbread houses yet this season so we finished the night off with some crafty fun.  After everyone was properly sugared up on royal icing and gummy bears... it was up to bed!

Mom and Dad still had a lot of presents to wrap!

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