January 14, 2016

First snow.

We finally have snow.  Seemed strange to go from 50 degrees on a Saturday to the teens on Sunday with lots of ice and some snow.  It sure is pretty!  The temps combined with fierce winds didn't make for the best play conditions.  Ken and the guys enjoyed it but the little ones... not so much.
On Monday, Liz was determined to make the best of it.  She suited Carrie and herself up in the hopes of grand sledding adventures.
Carrie... not so much.  She was cold, she slipped once on the ice, and back inside she went after one short ride.

Thankfully, Tuesday brought another round of snow and this time, a little sunshine and (slightly) warmer temps.

These pictures don't look sunny but they were taken during the heavy part of the storm.  They all enjoyed the snow and had fun with some of the neighbor kids.

(Now, I'm ready to go back to those 50 degree temps!)

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