February 13, 2016

New brood.

 We just got a new brood.  Well, we got them the last week in January so they are now two and a half weeks old.  We gave our huge flock of 25 away in the fall because they were no longer laying and we really just wanted a break.  Had I known how mild this winter was going to be, I might have reconsidered.  Truly, 25 was too many for our small coop and run so we ordered 12 this go 'round.  Enough for the kids to be able to have their pick for fair and for eggs.  The hatchery gave us 16.  Lol.  Hopefully, those extra four aren't roosters (which is usually the case when you get an extra).

As always, babies bring excitement.  Even though we've done this how many times before?  New chicks are still a thrill.  Except for Carrie.  She's still not a chicken fan.  Trust me, this one was in her hands for 5 seconds, tops.
 Elizabeth is being a pirate, "Arghhh, matey!"  That chick is her "parrot."  So we said, #chicksdigpirates.
 This chick had a fascination with the pencil.  So this one was #chicksdigschool

And, since I was just hanging out in the coop with my camera (that doesn't happen much), here's a random pic of Elizabeth with her bunny, Chocolate, from last summer.

We've had some very cold temps this week and our small shed is heated by just one little heat lamp.  We've lost one but the others seem to be thriving in spite of frozen water and cold nights!

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