February 26, 2016

Puppy Love.

As if our lives aren't crazy enough in the animal department....we went and got a puppy.

After the 4H fair last year, I began looking for a dog for Patrick to have for this year's dog obedience.  I've talked to so many people about their dogs, I've scoured the internet rescue pages.  Either the dog had some major fault (never been around children, won't stay on electric fence even though they've upped the collar, digestive issues) or the rescue wouldn't give us a dog because we had children under 5 in the house.  Those rescue places really make it hard for people who actually want a dog to get a dog.

My ideal would have been a dog in the 2-4 year old range to just skip the puppy-potty-training-chewing madness.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be so.  Partly, the realization that we could spend somewhere around $300 on a mixed breed rescue dog that came with previous issues or we could fork out just a little more and get a full breed puppy that we could develop our own issues with.  In my mind, at least with a full breed, you know the traits you are getting for the most part.

At any rate, if we get house training down and convince Mae to play with the puppy, not eat her, then all will be well.  It is just getting through these first few weeks that make me think of having a newborn in the house.  Well, a newborn that doesn't wear diapers.  It is all pretty tiring.    The highlights are seeing how much she loves being with people and is eager to please.

 Little girls in boots and dresses are the best.
How many feet in a puddle?

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