March 24, 2016

This week (and last) in pictures.

 Though it appears that Caroline is teaching a riveted pup here, it is actually that she is yelling at Rey to not jump on her.  Just in case Rey thinks about it (and she does).

The last two weeks have been busy (as usual) but let me just say... Potty training a 3 yr old and a puppy at the same time is not for the faint of heart.  And, after the events of this past Friday/Saturday, Caroline is back in a pull up.  Temporarily.  The good news is that she is mostly keeping her pull up dry.  The other good news is that I haven't pulled out any of my hair or run away yet.

I do love the opportunity for a one-on-one walk.  To move at their pace and have conversation their way is precious.
 In other news that you didn't really need to know but I'm going to tell you anyway, B&C's marker finally came in.  It gave me a weird kind of stress to be "waiting" for it.  At any rate, we popped by for a quick visit!  I need to go back and clean the mud out of the letters though.  Or maybe the rain will do that for me.

We also popped in for a visit at Dad's new office.  He is all moved in now... well, at least, all his stuff is there.
Jacob found an arrowhead.  We think this one actually might be a spearhead.  It is pretty large.  This is the second he has found and the third for our family.  It has always been in early spring as the ground thaws.
 You get a bunny, you get a bunny, aaaannnnddd.... YOU get a bunny!!  Just call me Oprah.
 And call this one "Easter Bunny."
St. Patrick's Day mainly involved drawing shamrocks on ourselves so that nobody pinched anyone else.  We had robotics club that night so that pretty much kept us from drinking any green beer.

 These guys are so creative with what they design and build though!  I'm always impressed with what they come up with.

 First day of Jr. Ultimate and I have no pictures of the actual ultimate!  I do have two cute boys and a puppy though.  I knew you would be impressed.

Not surprisingly, I also have no pictures from the Ultimate tournament last weekend.  I take that back, I have one of my goddaughter.  The rest of the time, I was trying to clean up messes or discipline children.  That's just the way it goes sometimes!

 Sunday, these three and I stayed home.  We planted flowers and made a Resurrection Garden for the first time.  I'm still hoping the grass grows in time!

God bless these Holy days for you all!  See you at Easter!

March 23, 2016

Lucky number 7.

Happy 7th Birthday, Nicholas!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  (Even if you are going to eat us out of house and home!)  You bring sweetness and joy to our days plus a little spunk added in.  You've been saying for months that you were "practically seven" if someone asked your age and counting down to your birthday since Christmas!

For your birthday party, you requested a bird cake, you got that complete with singing bird.  You were lucky enough to celebrate with your buddy and cousin, JP.   And you played pin-the-nest-in-the-tree, a new favorite.

Granted, today you had to go to the dentist on your actual birthday.  That might have taken the "best birthday ever" status out of the running.  We tried to make up for it with DQ.   And tonight, there will be more presents and singing and brownies.  Lucky and Loved.

We love you, Nicholas.  We wish you a very blessed year (with no more broken bones, okay?)!


March 11, 2016

This Week in Pictures.

Most weeks these days, I feel like they are doozies.  I get to Friday and...crash!

This week was wooo-weeee doozy material.  But it was fun!  Fun doozy!  And I'm still not recovered.

Last Friday, we headed down to Chattanooga for the Deep Freeze Ultimate Tournament.  The name cracks me up--it may still be freezing at home but Chattanooga is decidedly beautiful.  I might move.  The four oldest kids went and we all came home full of Vitamin D, and maybe a little too pink.  Rivers and overflowing waters meant fun was to be found everywhere.  (But, also.  Mud.)  Combine mud + water + cousins= the best time ever!  Even though our team, Revolution, didn't do so well the second day we had a great time.  I do love the Ultimate community and especially our team.  The weekend was worth the 7 hour drive each way.

(But, oh, was I tired when we got home! ha!)

We came home on Sunday to our second litter of bunnies.  The first had been born before we left with much anticipation.  Both litters were several days past when we were expecting them so there was a collective sigh of relief!  The cuteness never gets old.

Monday morning, Ken jetted off for a business trip to Atlanta and we....drove to the zoo with Nana.  It had been awhile since we'd done something fun with just Nana and I'm glad we perservered despite our overall exhaustion.  We had a good laugh over the possessive Lion and the antics of the painted dogs.  Peter has been insisting for several weeks now that he had NEVER seen a manatee.  So we rectified that with a picture to prove it.  Though, I will say that he was slightly disappointed that they were... not exciting.  I mean, they just kinda hang out on the bottom of the tank.  Nicholas insisted on photos of the alligator eating him, and I tried to convince him that he shouldn't look so happy about it.  Though, I have the feeling that he finds the idea of wrestling with an alligator rather exciting.  Alligators everywhere should be on the look out.  We wrapped up the day with some terrible group photos (but, hey, I'm in one...) and then went out for pizza.

Wednesday (yes, Ken got home and then left for the evening... haha) the guys went to the Aronoff for a showing of the Newsies.  They came home with nothing but accolades which says a lot.  They really enjoyed their first professional production.  I promise they were a little more dressed up than just their fleeces.

 The rest of the week was filled with errands and trying to recover (not successful on that last one!).  So lets end with the crazy-eyed puppy photo.  This photo reminded me of our crazy week LAST week and gosh, no wonder I'm tired.  Despite the fact that this puppy is like having a newborn that doesn't wear diapers.  Whew.  She's cute though and I think (I hope) that someday she will be a great dog.  I also hope my house doesn't come out too much the worse for wear.