May 11, 2016

April catch-up.

In the spirit of blogging about April in May.... here's another catch-up post!  

4H has started back up for the year.  Including dog training.  Elizabeth is training Rey and Nathan is training Mae.  Rey is doing about as good as a 4 month old puppy does and Mae's biggest difficulty is staying clean enough to put in the car.

 We had a fun little photoshoot after the first Dog Club meeting.  Amazingly, Rey has grown a lot since these were taken.
Dad also took a week off of work which we spent tackling weeds and rocks.  These two had fun playing in the weeks while they lasted!  I really dream of having a beautiful yard someday.  But that will probably never happen.
 These two are a hoot.  Peter wanted his picture taken next to his collection of thorns (ow) and Carrie is toting a "gun" which was really old broken boards.
The one benefit of a bobcat is that you get to sit in it and pretend to drive.  (The downside of a bobcat is that it removes any grass you may have had in the yard.)

Now speaking of 4H and yard work... I'm off to do a little of both!  4H paperwork and yardwork between rain showers.

May 10, 2016

It's still Easter, right?

Yes, yes it is.  And I'm going to capitalize on that to have the liberty to post Easter photos out of order and way beyond their date! 
I have very few photos from Holy Week.
But I did snap these.  A little quiet time art project to reflect on the cross.  Not my idea, found here.

 Holy Saturday brought Easter a little early.  Celebrating with my side of the family and an egg hunt.

 Easter morning--Alleluia He is Risen!  The outcome of our project a week earlier.  The grass was just coming up and Jesus was not in the tomb.  (Carrie was particularly impressed by that fact.)
 Nicholas was the egg cracking winner this year.  It is always exciting and highly competitive!

We attempted family photos after Mass.  We were not successful.  And I do not know what is up with my camera.  Half the photos come out dark.    After this, off to celebrate with Ken's side of the family and another egg hunt!
 Jacob found the giant egg.  He was generous and shared the sour cream and onion potato chips with his mom and the peeps with Carrie.  Someone remind me next year that it is our turn to hide it?