May 11, 2016

April catch-up.

In the spirit of blogging about April in May.... here's another catch-up post!  

4H has started back up for the year.  Including dog training.  Elizabeth is training Rey and Nathan is training Mae.  Rey is doing about as good as a 4 month old puppy does and Mae's biggest difficulty is staying clean enough to put in the car.

 We had a fun little photoshoot after the first Dog Club meeting.  Amazingly, Rey has grown a lot since these were taken.
Dad also took a week off of work which we spent tackling weeds and rocks.  These two had fun playing in the weeks while they lasted!  I really dream of having a beautiful yard someday.  But that will probably never happen.
 These two are a hoot.  Peter wanted his picture taken next to his collection of thorns (ow) and Carrie is toting a "gun" which was really old broken boards.
The one benefit of a bobcat is that you get to sit in it and pretend to drive.  (The downside of a bobcat is that it removes any grass you may have had in the yard.)

Now speaking of 4H and yard work... I'm off to do a little of both!  4H paperwork and yardwork between rain showers.

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