June 7, 2016

Birthday, birthday!

We just celebrated two birthdays in our family.  Elizabeth is now 9 and Peter is 5.  It really seems hard to believe that Peter is 5... I don't know why but that number just seems BIG.  So much bigger than 4.

This spring has been particularly busy and I don't have one reason why it has.  Sweet Elizabeth had her birthday sqeeeezed in just before we left for a trip (we were in the car the whole day for her actual birthday but she didn't seem to mind too much.).  And Peter's was squeezed in just after we got back.  It has been a squeezy kind of spring!

These two spring bdays are my happiest people.  Joy exudes from them.  We love you both and are so thankful to be able to watch you grow up!  Happy birthday Elizabeth and Peter!

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