August 9, 2016

Chickens and Rabbits, oh my.

Ahhh, these are the memories that we really want to forget.  The most wonderful time of the year: chicken washing day.  Listen, if you've never washed chickens for fair....don't.  Just don't.

Meat birds are the worst.  Ever.  At everything.  They're ugly and they're gross.  They don't care how dirty they are.  Actually, we worked really hard at keeping these birds clean this year.  We had them in the tractor and either moved them every couple of days or put bedding under them.  And for the gross, non-sensical creatures that they are...I think we did pretty good.  In order to be ready for fair however, they must be weighed and tagged and the feet must be scrubbed and shined and the feathers washed to downy white.  

Out of 19 pens or so, Elizabeth's pen came in 6th.  Pretty good, I think, for our second year doing this.

Patrick took Reserve in the English Category, Elizabeth placed third with her laying production comets, Nathan and Jacob both took home first place ribbons for there Exhibition class birds.
 I don't know how but I have very little pictures on my phone from chicken day.  I do have this one: Jacob with his Showmanship award and Liz with her first year trophy.  Jacob amazed us all and snuck right in there and won Showmanship even though he was insistent that he wasn't going to bring chickens much less participate in anything.  Sometimes these kids surprise us all.

 Monday is Chickens.  Tuesday is Rabbits.  I like rabbit day because it doesn't start at 9 am.
 This day was also fun because my mom and her neighbor came to visit us at the fair.  This was the first time she'd ever come to see the kids and their projects so that was extra special.  Her friend wasn't too thrilled at the sights and smells of the fair OR the reality of where her food comes from.  That gave me a little giggle.

Showmanship and the testing for Rabbit Ambassador were the first events of the day.

 This was Elizabeth's and Patrick's first year showing rabbits.  It is exciting to see them try something new!

 Leaving the show ring after the Rabbit Show.
 Patrick and Elizabeth both received first year awards.  Nathan won Sr. Showmanship, Elizabeth won Jr. Showmanship (another surprise for all of us!) and Elizabeth won first place with her rabbit for Jr. Mini Rex.  Nathan won 3rd and 6th place with his rabbits.

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