August 8, 2016

Dog Show.

Or alternately titled: Rey and Mae and the Big Day.

I have to say that the kids worked really hard with their animals this year.  They didn't "win" any of their divisions but some years are just like that.  When you are dealing with animals the input does not always equal the result.  Sometimes, yes.  Sometimes, no.  Liz knew from the beginning that she didn't have a chance at winning her first year with a puppy.  That didn't stop her from working hard.

 First up was Nathan and Mae in Agility.  They got second place in their division, which was pretty good considering agility is the one thing that is hard to practice at home.
 Next, Liz and Rey in Obedience.  I just laughed when I saw all the marks on her score sheet for how many times she held the leash too tightly.  I mean, seriously.... She was lucky Rey didn't decide to take off and drag her through the ring.  All in all, they came in 4th.  Not last.  If you've ever tried to walk Rey on a leash you know that was truly an accomplishment!

The only photo I have of Nathan and Mae during obedience.  It looks like he's about to hog tie her but he's actually positioning her for the judge.  They took 2nd place in their division (out of two, but hey....)
 Spectating in progress.
 Kids and dogs and ribbons.  Cuties, all of them.

Last but not least was Showmanship.  It's kinda my fave event.  However, if you don't win there isn't a placing.  So, you just didn't win.
I thought Nathan and Mae actually did very well in this event.  I don't know the comparison of scores but it had to be close.
Case in point:  girl who can barely hang onto her dog.  So, yes, a lot of deductions for that.  And for her fashion boots (shhh, don't tell her that!).  Little did the judge know that we went out and bought those boots because she didn't think she could hold onto her dog in flats.  I'm happy she just managed to hold onto her dog!  Dog loose in the ring would have been very very bad.  

 Two friends, both first year dog clubbers.  So much fun that they could share this time together.

My two fine kiddos after Showmanship.  Congrats on a great year and lots of fun with your dogs!

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