August 7, 2016

Fair Warning.

This is your Fair warning... haha.. if you know what's coming then you get it.

The next million posts will be all about Fair week, pre-fair week and post-fair week.  And then, I won't post anything for another million years.  Okay?  So if fair pictures and chicken pictures and rabbit pictures are not your thing... then you've been warned.  (Also, if you follow me on IG then you've seen all these and probably more.  So there's that.)

And seriously, I HAVE to post all the pics and stats and stuff because... I'll forget.  And one day maybe I'll scrapbook it.  Maybe.  And at any rate, I might need some of it to try and fill in on 4H applications.  I mean, you never know.

So, starting with pre-fair or project turn-in week...
There are always last minute adjustments that need Dad's expertise before turn-in.  There's also the last minute gluing of paper on posters (can't we do that sooner?) and the slight graying of hair for the parents.
We try to calm our nerves with mojitos.  Ken looks happy because he's on his second one... (I'm joking!!  If we drank two we'd be asleep!)

 But project turn-in comes finally and the kids take over.  Sharing their knowledge with the judges.  And I have to sneak photos or they'll be grumbling at me instead of listening!
 Elizabeth waited her turn by starting her entomology project for next year.  She did find some interesting insects to bring home!
 All the littles enjoyed their personal favorite fair treat--ring pops!

Sooo... results from fair week:
Nathan: Aerospace Grand Champ and Division Champ
Patrick: Aerospace Reserve Grand Champ and Division Grand.
Jacob:  Aerospace Division Champ 
Elizabeth:  Aerospace Division Reserve
(Jake and Liz were in the same Division)

Elizabeth: Entomology Division Reserve

Nathan: Grand Champ Electric
(his poster is on the top, he was demonstrating a smart home application for the topic Wiring Around the Home using his adruino and LEDs.)

Nathan: Grand Champ Lawn and Garden Sr. Division

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