August 10, 2016

Random Fun.

This is sorta the last post concerning the fair.

Fun with the animals.  Thankfully the ones that aren't ours.  It is always a breath of relief when the official "work" is done and no one is scrambling for something.

 Fun with friends on rides and attractions.  None of my kids would go up in the balloon.  We just enjoyed watching it.

 Fun at the tractor pull.  Carrie's first year.  Also a winner for the first time ever!  Nicholas came in 3rd place in the 7yo age group and won an awesome trophy!
Fun hitting up all the booths for the free stuff.  There aren't that many booths but they were all nice enough to let the kids come every night...multiple times.  We were all really thankful for the free water/popcorn/popsicles/cotton candy!
 And then before you know it, you are having the last makeshift breakfast at the fairgrounds before you have to pack up and head home.  It is always bittersweet-- fair week is a blessed week with fun and memories.  Time that you get to spend all hours with friends and your family and cheering one another on.  We are thankful to have such a great 4H community!

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