November 18, 2016


I tried to think of a clever title for this post, to no avail.  I can't believe I'm so deliquent in posting this (I'm going to back-date it.  Oh yes I am.)

I considered calling this: "I can't believe he's so old.  (Insert crying emoji x3)."

But I didn't.

Yes, Nathan is 16 and as you can see, has an adoring fan.

Not his car.  Not ours either!  Staged with the help of his Uncle Jim.

No, we did not buy him a car for his birthday.  (Yes, we've been asked that.  And, yes, he is saving his cash towards one.)  He quite enjoyed his birthday celebration with extended family in spite of no car.

We love you, Nathan.  We love your spunk and your zeal and dependability.  We look forward to what the future holds for you!  God bless you this year and keep you safe on those roads!!

November 15, 2016


I think this October was one of the best we've had as far as weather goes.  So many beautiful, warm days.  So much time to enjoy the outside!

 The last of the garden.  Liz was collecting these small ones to use in her play kitchen.

 Okay, okay, this photo was actually taken in September.  But, October was full of soccer so it fits.  Everyone was playing this year except for Carrie!

 October means a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Always so much fun and good to support a local farmer.

Corn maze by full moon is oh-so-spooky and exciting!  (Thank goodness for flashlights on phones!) 

Pumpkin carving!  We had princess Leia, Kylo Ren, a panda, and 4 funny faces.

A cute sickly little one.  I can't resist when they're asleep.

 The sickies meant that only the boys trick-or-treated this year.  They generously shared the candy though (and there was plenty to go around!)

It was a full and busy month.  We're so thankful for our many blessings!

November 14, 2016

Just beachy.

 We embarked on a family vacay at the end of September.   A little last minute, later than we've ever been to NC beaches before, but worth it in so many ways.  The weather was perfect.  We were lucky that this fall has been so mild and warm and managed to be at the beach between a monsoon and a hurricane.  Essentially, we had the place to ourselves.  It was warm enough to be enjoyable but not hot enough to be sweaty.  Sunscreen wasn't really needed. Perfection!

 The first day we were there.  Impossible to not head to the beach as soon as most of the stuff was out of the car.

We did all of our usual things...


Riding the waves:

Crabbing at the Whalehead Club:

Crabbing on the beach at night:

Sand Dunes and Kite Flying:

Bike Riding:

Game playing:

 Peter hanging off of the shuffleboard to play was cracking me up!

 Lighthouse climbing:

This was the first year in a long time that we were all able to go together!  And everyone walked on their own two feet!

Nathan had fun using his drone to get some interesting photos and videos this year.  I like this one he got of us on the deck.

We managed to get a few photos with all of us in them to boot.  My favorite kind of souvenir!