December 9, 2016

First week of Advent.

It's amazing to me that we've made it through almost two weeks of Advent!  This time always goes so fast.
We managed to get some lights up and the boys love nothing more than climbing on the roof.

This is the point when pool tools come in handy.  So far, we've been lucky and Rey hasn't chewed through all the strands yet.

We managed to go out and find the perfect Christmas tree.  We were pretty quick about it this year, too!
Lots of helpers and one sad little girl who apparently, didn't get to help enough.

That's okay, the promise of hot chocolate and popcorn cured her sadness and she even enjoyed the ride back on the truck.

 Then, in what seems to be our now typical whirlwind, we darted home and then to church so this guy could make his First Reconciliation!  The nerves were high with this one but he did it!  (I think he was still nervous when I took this picture!)   We celebrated with a blizzard at DQ.

Then, it was off to enjoy the annual Christmas Parade.  A good time and lots of candy canes was had by all.  Even Caroline who managed to snag one lollipop and her day was made.

The decorating of the Christmas tree was actually on Sunday but seemed to go better here.  :)  The kids hung all the ornaments and I haven't moved any yet.  (Though I might need to later for their own good!)

It was a good first week.  We enjoyed our Jesse Tree devotions.  It's amazing how peaceful that can be now that everyone is older.  I love the time we have together at this time of year!

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