December 15, 2016

Second Week of Advent.

Light two candles for Faith.  On this particular night, we cured the wiggles with some milk and cookies.
St. Nicholas Day! Candy, an ornament, a couple books and a puzzle!
So here's a funny story from our St. Nick's Day.  The night before, the kids were all talking excitedly about the things they always got in their stockings: chocolate coins, candy cane, matchbox cars... uh.  Matchbox cars?  Oh shoot!  We forgot matchbox cars!  (Such a silly thing that we've always put in stockings but the kids do have fun with them.)  So, Ken had the idea that we would find the nicest, newest looking cars from the car bin and wrap them up.  Along comes St. Nick morning and the kids are enjoying their treasures.  First, Liz unwraps her car.  "Hey!" She says, "I think we have this one already!"  Then another kid and another kid until they all realized that these were "recycled" cars.  One of the older kids said, "actually, I probably wouldn't have noticed if everyone else hadn't said something but now that I think about it...this was Liz' car!!"  It was quite the hoot and we all had a good laugh over that one!  No one was disappointed, it was just plain funny.

On Thursday, there was Mass, of course, for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  The boys also went to a gingerbread house building contest at the library.  They really enjoyed themselves and having friends to go with.
 Patrick came home with the second place with for his train and interestingly...more chocolate!! :)

 Friday was our last day of co-op for the year.  We always go caroling at a local nursing home before the party.  I always enjoy this time and the residents do as well.  They always love seeing the kids and having a minute to chat with them.
 Not many pics of the Christmas party but I thought it was creative that someone had the idea to set up gaga ball with tables in one of the rooms.  Great way to burn off some energy indoors!  Peter is there on the left with the green shirt.
Also lots of crafting fun for the kids while the moms chat!

It was a very good AND very busy 2nd week of Advent.

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