April 20, 2017

March Fun.

In totally random order.... some of our March fun.

Ken and I went to the Children's Hospital Celestial Ball for the third year in a row.  Good food, good fun, lots of dancing and an excuse to get all gussied up.  Once a year, I get to see Ken in a tux!

Liz snapped this pic for me before we left.  It seemed like a good opportunity for a bumpie.

 Snow made a very unwelcome appearance mid way through the month.  After 70 degree temps, it seemed unfair and I can verify that my daffodils did not like it.
The only bonus to snow was that Peter finally got to give his Christmas present a try.  It surely seems a bummer to get the one thing you really wanted and then not have a chance to use it!  So, we were thankful for the opportunity.
These two are peas in a pod.  Always creating.

 Took a hike with the crazy dog for Jake's bday.  We tried to wear her out but I think she wore us out.
 Carrie is always looking for a snuggle.  Even on a hike.
 Ultimate is in full swing.  We had our locally hosted tournament in March.  Fun but cold.  Patrick enjoyed winning at rock-paper-scissors against the opposing team.

 Junior Ultimate started as well.  Nicholas was pretty against playing until he actually gave it a try (albeit with threats and promises both from Mom).  Now he looks forward to it every week!

Quintessential March.  In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Good old fashioned tree swinging is always fun!

April 19, 2017

March Birthdays.

 Nicholas turned 8 in March and requested a dinosaur themed cake.
 Jacob turned 12 in March and requested a cookie cake.  I'm pretty sure that he was just going easy on his mom since I had to make two cakes for one party!  ;)
 Thanks to Nicholas' aunt who came through with the dry ice for his cake because...ahem...mom forgot!
 In addition to a family party with Godparents and cousins, we have a small little celebration "just us" and there isn't anything better than getting a bottle of coke in the middle of Lent, eh?
I can't believe how big everyone is getting!  The years go faster and faster!  We sure are thankful for these two boys and for all the joy they bring to our family.

Happy birthday Nick and Jake!  We love you lots!