April 20, 2017

March Fun.

In totally random order.... some of our March fun.

Ken and I went to the Children's Hospital Celestial Ball for the third year in a row.  Good food, good fun, lots of dancing and an excuse to get all gussied up.  Once a year, I get to see Ken in a tux!

Liz snapped this pic for me before we left.  It seemed like a good opportunity for a bumpie.

 Snow made a very unwelcome appearance mid way through the month.  After 70 degree temps, it seemed unfair and I can verify that my daffodils did not like it.
The only bonus to snow was that Peter finally got to give his Christmas present a try.  It surely seems a bummer to get the one thing you really wanted and then not have a chance to use it!  So, we were thankful for the opportunity.
These two are peas in a pod.  Always creating.

 Took a hike with the crazy dog for Jake's bday.  We tried to wear her out but I think she wore us out.
 Carrie is always looking for a snuggle.  Even on a hike.
 Ultimate is in full swing.  We had our locally hosted tournament in March.  Fun but cold.  Patrick enjoyed winning at rock-paper-scissors against the opposing team.

 Junior Ultimate started as well.  Nicholas was pretty against playing until he actually gave it a try (albeit with threats and promises both from Mom).  Now he looks forward to it every week!

Quintessential March.  In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Good old fashioned tree swinging is always fun!

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