May 6, 2017

April in pictures.

I love when the weather finally turns nice enough for a lot of time outdoors.  Kites, bubbles, and tree climbing have all been the big things to do lately!

 We think baby girl has some really chubby cheeks going on!

 When the weather is not so nice, coloring and listening to audiobooks are always a good diversion.


 Fun at a local park while the older boys were away.

 Oversized, over-chubbed mini rex.  It's like an oxymoron.  But he's cute.
 We found the Easter bunny and he much prefers eating my hostas over carrots.

 Lots of work to be done!  Dad gets a lot of help.

This handsome guy went to Prom with friends for the first time and had a blast!  I'm so glad that he did and enjoyed himself!

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